Posted by: starrystez | December 19, 2012

When dark and light become one


When light and dark become one
The magic begins
When light and dark become one
An explosion of love occurs
When light and dark become one
Hearts open wide
When light and dark become one
You are home

Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness.
Martin Luther King

I believe that each human heart has a capacity for good or bad. Each contains potential to either follow the light or reject it. The dark can be defined as separation from light or in more spiritual terms, God or Spirit. Some of us drift further astray than others. But regardless of those choices, we each possess the same human heart.

This is not a comfortable thought and one that has not been accepted readily by society. Instead, people who commit acts of violence or other crime are sometimes labelled ‘non human’ or objectified into an ‘other.’ It is safer to detach from such a person, make him or her into someone/thing else that is separate from mainstream society than it is to explore what may have gone so wrong for humanity.

It is often easier to judge ourselves, split off parts of the personality that are unacceptable to us, than look into our own hearts and see our own lives, feel our own painful emotions, experience our Self and its need for forgiveness and compassion. My life has taken me through a very painful realisation that some of the things I have done, or come close to doing, aren’t too far from things that I have critised other people for time and time again. This was a sobering realisation. It has also to a great deal of self searching and greater understanding of who I am and where I stand in relation to humanity. I feel the truth is we are all in one place, yet expressing different levels of awareness. Our state of awareness depends on many things, too many to count, but includes personality, health, background, resilience, stressors, life lessons and more.

I feel the longlasting answer is to open our hearts to ourselves and others, not just to the victims of dreadful acts of crime, but to the people who commit them, to ourselves, to wider society, encompassing darker expressions of humanity and shining the light where it is needed. Not justify or agree with them but recognise them as humanity’s separation from love and light, a separation which, in varying degrees, we each experience in this world. When every aspect of human nature is bathed in light, we will have created Heaven.

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