Posted by: starrystez | November 22, 2014

Please Keep The Prayers And Thoughts Coming


Please send thoughts and prayers out for those Americans stuck in severe snow conditions right now.

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

image[This picture was taken from my eating room window, from the sill itself to try to express to you how deep this snow is. This photo really does not convey the huge amount of snow you are looking at that stands well over the sill of my window.]


Dearest Friends …. To even try to put into words how deeply touched I am by all your concern, prayers, thoughts, Love, and Light, is not possible. We are living through one of the greatest disasters known to WNY and Lancaster, NY. At times it is terrifying, gut wrenching fear wanting to just take over. That I will not allow to happen.

I am feeling very tired this day, my face pale, my stomach hurting, bouts of dizziness coming and going, and all I want to do is to lay down and sleep. I am not able to do this. My…

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Posted by: starrystez | November 22, 2014

To those dealing with extreme weather…


Thinking of you all and sending healing thoughts from the UK.

Posted by: starrystez | November 11, 2014

You are blessed


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Posted by: starrystez | November 10, 2014

Love vs guilt

In times of awareness I see and understand, as far as I can from my human perspective anyway, that guilt is the opening to self-liberty. If fully accept myself and thus renounce guilt, only love is left. Regardless of what any one person or society says, I will be able to walk my path with a clear mind and heart.

Somehow, though, I am tempted by the seduction of guilt. It is familiar and comforting. It binds me to a way of being that justifies the pain I have experienced in life. It provides me with an identity that I can hold securely like a mask for the rest of my days. The mask of love.

Genuine Love is beyond all masks. Love is as free as a bird, not clinging to any mind or external state. Love is knowing I did my best for all concerned. Love is being free of guilt.

Which will I choose?

Posted by: starrystez | November 10, 2014


Guilt is an opportunist

it attacks when I’m down

it is always lingering

but usually I am too strong for it.

When overpowered by its grasp

I am filled with anguish

at the choices I had to make

none of which i asked for

but I judge myself nonetheless.

Being the parent of a special needs child

you always ask why

and did I do enough

or did I do my best

under the circumstances.

The child’s needs may be so great

it’s not possible to explain to them

or ask them how they feel

about those choices

you just have to live with it.

That’s when guilt hits and hurts

pulling me down in the darkest hours

calling me a failure

judging me

showing me all I did wrong

or didn’t do at all.

Yet a life completely free of guilt

is unthinkable

for guilt proves I care

it is my conscience

my voice

my justification.

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